Why Kicking

Kicking is a favourite past time for Aussie families and an important skill for any footballer, whether they are playing social, community or professional levels.

Did you know that there are a number of different kicking styles; each requiring different biomechanical movements, and each appropriate in different game play situations?



Advanced Sports Technology have created a program which aims to help each player discover their best kick; regardless of ability and playing level.

We have worked with leading biomechanic professors and experienced AFL recruiters to create a program which helps players understand their kick, improve their bio-mechanic and apply each different kick type to a game style situation with quick and precise decision making.

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The Program


  • What is a kick?
  • What makes a good kick?
  • What are the different types of kicks?
  • When should I use each type of kick?
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  • Receive an analysis of your kick, detailing your individual strengths
  • Work with your coach to grow areas of improvement
  • Improve the biomechanics of your kick
  • Practice different kicking types within game simulated scenarios
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