Why Kicking

Kicking is a favourite past time for Aussie families and an important skill for any footballer, whether they are playing social, community or professional levels.

Did you know that there are a number of different kicking styles; each requiring different biomechanical movements, and each appropriate in different game play situations?



Advanced Sports Technology have created a program which aims to help each player discover their best kick; regardless of ability and playing level.

We have worked with leading biomechanic professors and experienced AFL recruiters to create a program which helps players understand their kick, improve their bio-mechanic and apply each different kick type to a game style situation with quick and precise decision making.

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The Program


  • What is a kick?
  • What makes a good kick?
  • What are the different types of kicks?
  • When should I use each type of kick?
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  • Receive an analysis of your kick, detailing your individual strengths
  • Work with your coach to grow areas of improvement
  • Improve the biomechanics of your kick
  • Practice different kicking types within game simulated scenarios
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Peter Kokotis, Parent

"At club level we were never exposed to any elite skills acquisition type training. Wayne’s kick coaching, advice and mentoring has opened Billy's eyes and helped him change some many bad habits and exposed him to higher level coaching. The positive genuine environment made him very welcome. I thank Wayne for his influence over Billy’s football career.”
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Craig Nuttall, SMJFL Coach of the Year 2019

“My son has been fortunate to be involved in Wayne’s kicking sessions.  The technical knowledge around kicking is only one part of his extraordinary skill, he has an ability to cut through to any person with his teaching and delivery approach. I would have no hesitation in engaging Wayne to deliver his program on any footballer at any ability level.”
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Lee Naylor, Commonwealth Games Gold medallist

“Wayne Oswald’s kick school has been instrumental to my boys’ skill knowledge, understanding and ultimately their performance in football. Wayne develops such a confidence in the boys and a genuine connection with the boys that is greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t hesitate suggesting to any parents and enthusiastic player to engage Wayne.”
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Michael Davis, Parent and Assistant Coach

Wayne’s understanding technically of kicking, handball, marking and running is second to none. I’ve been involved in football for most of my 52 years. I haven’t come across anyone as good as this guy. Wish I had him as a coach.”

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