Online Robo-Kick Analysis Session (Theoretical)

  1. Upload a video of your kick
  2. Within three business days receive a kicking analysis which
    • Benchmarks your kick against our robo-kicker
    • Analyses the strengths of your kick
    • Analyses the improvement areas of your kick
  3. Dial into a 15 minute online session with our KickCOACH who will talk you through the analysis, answer your questions and provide advice for on-going at home practice
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Wayne Oswald spent much of his early career in the coaching departments of AFL level clubs; Geelong, Essendon and Melbourne. Developing an interest in player welfare, Wayne continued his career at pathway club Sandringham Dragons before transitioning back into Melbourne based community clubs.

Over this journey, Wayne noticed an undeniable trend. As community football expanded, local training times and ground availability for each team declined and community coaches prioritised game-play strategy ahead of skills based training sessions. As such, young players in the modern era are rarely taught the proper way to kick. Initial demonstrations are lacking, feedback is inadequate and not always accurate. As a result, at-home practice lacks structure and is inefficient and largely ineffective.

Working with Kevin Ball, who is a leading biomechanical professor at Victoria University and boasts incredible experience in the sporting world, Wayne has developed Advanced KickCOACH; a program which aims to give players the understanding of what makes a good kick, the awareness of their areas of strength and improvement and the curriculum to work on building their best kick.

Biometric Intelligence

The Development of Advanced KickCOACH started about 20 years ago when Kevin Ball was working at the Institute of Sport in Bio-mechanics. The AFL Academy would come through the Institute every year and their Kicking techniques would be analysed.

Later whilst completing a PHD in Melbourne Kevin starting working with the Hawthorn AFL Club working on the analysis of kicking. At the end of 2002 Kevin Ball became the first full-time AFL kicking coach employed by Fremantle.

Whilst working at Hawthorn and Fremantle he used a scientific approach to the development of the kicking program. It was found that the program needed to be individualised, each player would have a slightly different technique and after analysis the objective was to make corrections, striving to develop each player’s ‘best technique’. These are the principles that have been used in our robo-kicker technology.