How many sessions do I need?

Every session with our KickCOACH is effective in improving your kick and can be used in isolation.

For best results, we recommend 4 sessions + an Online Robo-Kick analysis. This allows an opportunity to understand the biomechanics of a kick, the individual’s strengths and weakness, kicking decision making and a framework for DIY practice.

Our program is tailored to individual needs so many of our students with AFL level aspirations find value in on-going weekly sessions.

How long do sessions go for?

  • A face to face session goes for 50 minutes.
  • An online Robo-Analysis session goes for 15 minutes.

What happens during a session?

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How much does the session cost?

  • Individual Face to Face: $95
  • Group Face to Face: $70
  • Online + Robo-Analysis: $45

Value packages are available

What is the value of a robo-kick analysis?

We believe that “understanding” is an essential part of the learning journey. The robo-kick analysis has been created to help the kicker understand the biometrics of a good kick and can view where their kick matches or misaligns with those movements. This shapes a growth mindset when completing active sessions.

When do you recommend a robo-kick analysis?

Whilst the robo-kick analysis is effective in improving your kick in isolation; we recommend that kickers undertake two face to face sessions prior to undertaking an analysis.

For interstate kickers without access to face to face sessions: please contact us to talk through alternate one-on-one coaching options to improve your kick.

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