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Terry Dillon Solutions a '101' for Community Clubs

Importance of Community Club Administration - Getting the Right Processes in Place

Many community clubs don’t know how to put the right processes together to make their clubs run efficiently. Terry Dillon Solutions is a ‘101’ on how to run your community club. It includes: Grants; Finance; Fund Raising; Fund Saving; Digital Communication; Setting up the Executive Committee, which are all the key components to having a successful club.

Terry has a great love of community clubs, he wants to make a difference and that is what Terry Dillon Solutions is about.

‘Successful community clubs share the load’ – Terry Dillon

Take the next step, call our team and start seeing your club benefit from 'TD Solutions'.

"TD Solutions provides a 101 formula on how to run a community club"

For more information, call Terry Dillon on 0429 162 288 OR email terry@tdcommunitysolutions.com.au