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The TDS – 'REEDS APPROACH' of Recognition, Evaluation, Education, Direction and Support is the formula to having a successful sporting organisation.

TDS is famous for developing the first END TO END SOLUTION servicing the needs for ALL Clubs of Australian Sport. Terry has used technology and his life time experience / expertise in developing the innovative “REEDS” APPROACH to solving a 100-year-old plus problem. The solution has taken TDS many years to develop working with many Sports at all levels across the Country.

We recognise the health of your Sporting organisations via a short / user friendly on-line survey (10-15 minutes) – max of 10 people can complete the survey. From this survey we assess the results of the 10 key areas of running your organisation, including Governance, Finance, Committee Structures, Sponsorship, Fundraising, Fund-saving, Capital Grants, Membership, Volunteers and how to take your Club to the next level.

Once the simple health survey is completed, we provide a TAILORED ACTION PLAN linked to our education to take your organisation forward. This assists your Committee as to where to put your energies. Not being able to see the wood from the trees is often a huge issue for our clubs. The ACTION PLAN steers your club specifically to the 5 areas (on 1 page) that needs immediate attention and a further 5 (on another page) that will need attention in a timely manner.

The evaluation component of our assessment then identifies areas that you need to be educated. TDS has developed high level educational content - 160+ short 2-minute videos on how to run your club (all sports) plus 90+ downloadable templates that covers the 10 key areas of running a Sport. “Rather than giving clubs fish let’s teach them how to fish” is our philosophy.

We provide a 2.5 to 3-hour Workshop (Face to face or Skype) focused specifically on your organisation. Every organisation is different, but most have similar challenges and importantly similar opportunities.

Help Sporting Clubs

These Workshops have been a revelation for our CLUBS / Leagues. In the extensive, highly interactive workshop we undertake the following:

Review 10 areas

We then discuss the critical nature of adopting the NEW-AGED Committee Structure and how important this is to be a successful sporting entity.

We then focus on the “How to grow your volunteers base” and potentially seek some funding to support your volunteers and your Club.

We teach our Clubs the simplest and most effective way to financially account for your business. Finance on 2-3 pages no more. This is where many Clubs get into trouble.

The second half of the workshop focuses on Revenue Generation and passing on the many learnings we have taken away from working with all our Clubs over the past years. Clubs at this session identify 4-6 initiatives from nearly 30 initiatives that are successful around the country and we work with the Club to put those initiatives in place.

We finish the workshop with a focus on the long-term direction of your organisation identifying strategic pillars and some key targets for the short and long-term.

Within 7 days of the Workshop TDS provides a 2-page Roadmap / Blueprint (Strategic Plan) to take your entity forward. This is enough for many of my sports. KISS philosophy.

The Workshops are powerful sessions that create energy, oxygen and a clear direction to take the organisation forward.

We provide a centralised help desk for any of our Clubs that have purchased our main offering via phone support during the 12 months subscription model. This piece of the complex puzzle now completes the FULL END TO END solution for Community Clubs / Leagues and Association that we provide. All in the one location!! The ultimate ONE STOP SHOP!!

Nobody knows more about Sports Administration whether that be Clubs, Leagues, Association’s their issues, and how to solve them, than Terry Dillon. Terry is the most sought-after AUTHORITY of Administration of Sport in Australia working for more than two decades with the biggest Sporting Clubs in Australia to Community Grass Roots organisations.

Take the next step, call our team and start seeing your club benefit from 'TD Solutions'.

"TD Solutions provides a 101 formula on how to run a community club"

For more information, call Terry Dillon on 0429 162 288 OR email terry@tdcommunitysolutions.com.au