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Help for Leagues, Associations, State and National Governing Bodies

TDS range of services are wide and varied and cater for all levels of Australian sport with an extensive range of offerings.

Many sports TDS are working with have limited resources and are struggling to provide the support that is required to service their Leagues / Associations and Clubs and find that TDS is an affordable and effective way of helping those that need support.

TDS is now working with 12 sports and growing at Local Club, League, Association, State and National Level.

Nobody knows more about Community Sports Administration and their issues, and how to solve them, than Terry Dillon. Terry is the most sought-after authority of Administration of Sport in Australia working for close to 2 decades with the biggest Sporting Clubs in Australia to Community Grass Roots organisations.

Check out the wide-ranging offerings that TDS provides, ranging from:

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • On-line education
  • Club Health Checks
  • Tailored Action Plans
  • Group Education forums
  • 3rd party reviews
  • Face to face and / or Skype Workshops
  • Train the Trainer Sessions
  • Club / League / Association interventions
Help Governing Bodies

Quote from former AFL Club CEO, former CEO of Melbourne Victory and now CEO of Rowing Australia
Ian Robson -

'I have not come across anyone in my time in sport a person who so comfortably is able to jump the divide between the elite side of the game, back to the community level and bring to the table his expertise and passion seamlessly'.

TDS is the ultimate ONE STOP SHOP and provides an END TO END Solutions for all levels of Australian Sport.

Take the next step, call our team and start seeing your club benefit from 'TD Solutions'.

"TD Solutions provides a 101 formula on how to run a community club"

For more information, call Terry Dillon on 0429 162 288 OR email terry@tdcommunitysolutions.com.au