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a '101' formula on how to run a community club

All Types of Sporting Clubs

The "Terry Dillon Solutions" provides a "101" formula on how to run a community club for all administrators around the country for all community clubs – the principles of running a club are the same whether that be cricket, tennis, golf, hockey, football, lifesaving, badminton, soccer as some examples of clubs that will benefit from this solution.

Terry's qualifications are: Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Certified Practicing Accountant, Graduate Diploma of Management and Masters in Business Administration.

Terry success story of having outstanding experience and strong results in conjunction with the experience he has gained at both the elite level of sport as well as working directly with community clubs is unique and he wants to share the knowledge that he has gained.

Terry's has an exceptionally strong commitment to the development and sustainability of community programs and the "Terry Dillon Solutions" will make a significant difference to making our community clubs far more healthy one. Here's a chance to make your Community Club the best Club it can possibly be.

Take the next step, call our team and start seeing your club benefit from 'TD Solutions'.

"TD Solutions provides a 101 formula on how to run a community club"

For more information, call Terry Dillon on 0429 162 288 OR email terry@tdcommunitysolutions.com.au